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Sunflower Tiny Amp Dept. is here!

The Sunflower Tiny Amp Dept. is here and we’re excited to announce our fist in house production circuit - the Sunflower Tiny Amp Model No. 1! Handmade by our in house amp technician, designer and builder Chazz Bessette, these tiny amplifiers are designed for practicing or recording on the go. They run with a single 9v battery, are handwired, feature about .5 watts of output power, and use an FET discrete front end and have a cool gainy sound that is designed with far more character (and internal components at least!) as the most common long running production amp in this class.

Each is typically built into unique upcycled vintage housings.

Featured today are a pair of Model 1 amps, the first in a tiny vintage pocket transistor radio housing and the second in a vintage wooden desktop intercom speaker cabinet. Designed to have a great singing fuzzy/distortion sound which gives a sound reminiscent of Queen member Brian May’s “Deacy” amp which he used for most of his harmony guitar overdubs.

These little amps feature a volume and a tone control and are powered on by plugging a guitar into the input jack. The wooden cabinet version features a speaker output jack for use with any guitar cabinet you wish between 4-16 ohms.

These are very limited in production as they are completely hand made items and each is $139 plus shipping. A perfect gift for any guitarist and guaranteed to be something they do not have! Put your orders in at

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