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The Sunflower Flower Repair Station

Musical Instrument Repair done with attention to detail & love and care for your instrument!

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Chazz Bessette - Lead Tech, Vintage

Guitar/Amp specialist & builder for over 20 years


Tim Allen - Amp & Music Electronics tech

for 10+ years

Services we Offer:

Here at the Sunflower Flower Repair Station we've got you covered with:

-Amp Repair (Tube and Solid State)

-Guitar & Stringed Instrument Repair

-Hifi Stereo Equipment

-Keyboards, Synthesizers, Organs, Electric Pianos etc.

-Studio Equipment, Tape Machines, Pro Audio

-Accessories like guitar pedals, headphones etc.

-Pickup Rewinds & Custom Pickup Winds


All repair work is $100 per hour plus parts and supplies. A one hour deposit may be required for some types of repairs. Our turn around time is generally around 3-7 weeks but may vary. All repairs must be picked up within 30 days upon completion. Rush repairs are also available at a rush rate. You may drop off gear for repair during our store hours Tuesday through Saturday 12pm - 7pm. Venmo or cash ONLY for repair payments at this time.

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