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First Friday: Tashi Delay and Cowboy Cold

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

First Friday is around the corner and we are welcoming to the garden stage our friend, Tashi Delay, and Austin area based troubadour, Cowboy Cold! As always, festivities will begin at 7 pm.

Tashi Delay is a New Orleans post punk band. Tashi Delay hopes to help others by telling personal stories, escaping into sound, and providing wiry world observations. Tashi Delay is a play on the word used in Tibetan for hello; it means I admire the courage and strength within you. Tashi Delay's sound inspiration is Bjork, PJ Harvey, Mclusky, Fugazi, and Motown. Check out the animated video for the most recent single, Deception.

Cowboy Cold is the solo project of Will Felty. His songs focus heavily on themes of life, death, and nocturnal wanderings. Cowboy Cold is the project of Texas based artist William Brian Felty. Their new LP Holy Nobody is a blend of Americana songwriting and ambient textures. We are so excited to welcome him to the stage for the first time at Sunflower and Friends!

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