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Sunflower and Friends lands in Lockhart, Texas!

Hello friends, we've been a bit off the radar the past several weeks as we've just made the great trek from the Pacific Northwest back to our home state! We've landed just outside of Austin in Lockhart, Texas and can't wait to begin serving the local community.

We've been working 'round the clock to set up our new shop and we are excited to announce that the Sunflower Flower Repair station is now open and accepting repairs. We offer service on:

-guitars (acoustic and electric)

-amps (tube and solid state)

-musical electronics like keyboards, pedals etc.

-vintage hifi (receivers, turn tables, speakers etc.)

-pickup rewinds and custom pickups

-special modifications

Our tech and lead instrument patcher-uppper Chazz Bessette brings over 17 years of experience to the work bench and offers an extensive amount of knowledge in the realm of all things vintage and musical!

Give us a call at the shop today to discuss details and get your broken stuff back in the game!

***Sunflower and Friends hotline: 512-668-3019***

Next stop: The Sunflower School and the Sunflower Showroom. Stay tuned!

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