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Introducing the MAGIC EYE Tube Amp!

Sunflower Magic Eye Tube Amp // $400 + plus shipping.

Created by the Sunflower Tiny Amp Dept.comes the Magic Eye Tube Amp upcycled from a vintage Eico Signal Tracer. It’s a point-to-point hand-wired tube guitar (or harmonica!) amp with some special features under the hood!

This little amp features a 3-way low cut or “Mud Filter” control, Volume and Tone Controls, Approximately 4-5 Watts of Class A all tube power, cathode biasing (this means you won’t need adjustments when changing output tubes and gives a nice tweed era compression to the sound), an external speaker jack which mutes the internal small speaker, and our favorite feature - a Magic Eye tube functioning as a VU meter that moves with the signal level!

Sporting a 12AX7 in the preamp, a tube rectifier and a single ended 6AQ5 in the output section this little nugget is perfect for low volume grit and vintage character and assembled with high reliability in mind.

Special features available upon request, such as line output for use as a stand alone guitar preamp. Special note - one like this was used as an outboard tube stage on the upcoming Silver Ships album with great results!

This amp is a one-off build and when this one sells availability is proportional to donor unit availability. Shoot us a message at to buy this one or to ask about having one built! Demonstration available on our YouTube channel.

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