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Guthrie Girls Take the Sunflower Stage

Last First Friday was a whirlwind!Frowny Flower cooked up somethign extra special for y’all this time. Guthrie Girls performed live at Sunflower & Friends! If the name sounds familiar, you may be familiar with the duo’s father, Arlo Guthrie or their grandfather, Woody Guthrie. Though hailing from an impressive musical lineage, Cathy and Sarah Lee have carved out their own place in “deep folk” music, drawing crowds at venues like beloved beer joint, Sam’s Town Point.

But that’s not all, local legendary music duo, Ramona and Me, came out in support of Guthrie Girls. Part one of Ramona and Me is Sunflower & Friends co proprietor and Creative Lab teacher, Naomi Bessette. Erin Martinez, prolific guitarist and guitar teacher here at the Sunflower Creative Lab makes up the second half of the dreamy, folksy twosome. They shared original songs dreamed, and performed right here in Lockhart. This was their first live performance and last for quite awhile while Erin prepares for a cornea transplant surgery and it was one for the books.

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