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Frowny Flower Unveils Trash Stash: Locals Rejoice!

One sunflower's trash could be your future treasure. Next time you're in, check out the latest shop addition - Frowny Flower's Trash Stash! We've loaded up a bin with vintage guitar projects and junky treasures on the cheap. Whether you're looking to create a custom piece totally unique to you or hone your luthier/guitar repair skills or just have fun tinkering, we've got what you need. The trash stash holds a special place in our hearts as Chazz, our top fixer-upper, got his start in the guitar world as a 12 year old kid digging through music store trash bins, piecing together Frankensteined guitars, learning to play, build, and modify. Some showstoppers in our bin currently include a 90's Yamaha and vintage 60's/70's era Japanese made guitars just waiting for a handy hobbyist to make them sing again - possibly for the first time in decades.

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