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This vintage Kent Copa 532 features a bit of historic significance and a touch of “resto-mod” that makes is a much better instrument to play.
The Kent Copa 532 was made in Japan ca 1964-66 and is the exact model used at times by Sterling Morrison and Lou Reed of the Velvet Underground. The stock pickups have a lot of growl and shine through with a new wiring arrangement.

This guitar arrived to us with no switch so we have done the following:

•Original 500k volume pots x3
•Replaced 100k tone pot with 500k to allow full signal and brightness, huge improvement!
•Replaced missing rotary switch with 3 way toggle - Neck, Neck+Bridge, Bridge. Middle pickup has separate volume control to bring in to the mix regardless of 3 way switch position for a lot of sound combinations and ease of use
•Replaced incomplete vibrato tailpiece with RS Custom Machine B5 Bigsby Replica

The result is a very great rescue and improvement of a neat collectible guitar that has added lots of tonal variety to what it can do, making it way more useful!

Please note there are signs of wear and age, however the guitar plays quite nicely for being original fretwork, which can be pretty dicey on these older Japanese guitars. This is a small fret guitar so please keep that in mind.

Vintage Guyatone Kent Copa 532 Velvet Underground Model Electric Guitar

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