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This wonderful '68 Drip Edge Fender Princeton Amp is 100% serviced and ready to be included in your collection. Some light staining on the grill, a little patina and rust on the hardware and a couple of nicks here and there but overall a very solid and presentable example that has not been abused.

Schumacher power transformer and Better Coil and Transformer output transformer. The power transformer dates to ‘66 or ‘76 and is vintage Fender original but not original to this amp. The output transformer dates to ‘67 and is original to the amplifier.

Great care was taken to restore this amp. Carbon comp resistors were used to replace drifted values (except one cathode resistor that is a carbon film - a great sounding alternative in this position) and some previously swapped caps were replaced with original Blue Molded caps from my stash of vintage parts and tested for leakage. Orange drops were only used in the tremolo oscillator circuit.

Here is the full list of work done

*Metal Oxide and Ceramic resistors in power supply

*All new electrolytic caps

*Adjustable bias via precision trimmer pot and secured with non-acidic silicone

*Original push back wire used throughout wherever wiring needed replacement

*2 replaced pots

*Vintage RCA 12AX7 Tubes and new JJ rectifier and output tubes

*Resistor mod to bump up preamp voltage

*3-prong power cable wired to modern safety standards

*Death cap removed

*Fiber board completely removed and cleaned with alcohol and re-populated to reassure low noise

*New lacquer w/flash coats added to face panel to preserve patina

*New back panels made with vintage tolex

*Celestion 10” Speaker

*One new replaced tube shield


The tone is amazing and the layout and components share the quality of Pre-CBS black panel amplifiers but with the black line drip edge silver panel look.


With the full rebuild comes a 1 year warranty on parts and workmanship excluding tubes.


The amp will be packed very carefully.


Sunflower and Friends is a vintage guitar boutique and repair shop in Lockhart Texas

Vintage Fender Princeton "Drip Edge" 12-Watt 1x10" Guitar Combo 1968 Silverface

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