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With wild styling and an infamous association with The Shaggs, the Avalon AV-2T guitar boasts some of the finest techniques in Fujigen's guitar craftmanship of the late sixties. One of only two designs by the company's founder Yuichiro Yokouchi to be produced and distributed to market, it sports a slim neck and sleek unique figure.


This example is a very solid instrument, having been refretted and fitted with a bone nut. With the exception of a customized Tremelo bar, it is entirely original and with its hardware in good condition.

The body bears a number of chips, the largest of which is no wider than a dime. It has many cracks in the clear coat of its maple vaneer that add to its character, as pictured.


The customized tremelo is comprised of the following: The original tailpiece has been re-tapped to 10-32, and a shortened stratocaster tremelo bar has been threaded to fit.


This guitar came from the estate of the late Austin Thomerson of Houston TX who was reported to have owned a neck and guitar from the actual Shaggs instruments. No one has been able to tell me anything about the history of this exact guitar which was found under a pile of other guitars in a vintage Anvil flight case and well protected compared to everything around it. Maybe you know more than I do about this exact instrument?


This piece of rock-and-roll history is ready to make more music  and with it's refret potentially even fancier and more dexterous music than the original Shaggs!


'67-'69 Avalon Fujigen AV-2T Shaggs Model Guitar

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