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This rare Da Vinci D.V.A.L. 2x12 amp is a rebranded 1962 Magnatone 260A with the amazing pitch shifting vibrato circuit! Powered by 2 6L6GC output tubes feeding 2 reissue Jensen P12R Speakers. This amp was re-capped at some point and re-wired with an after market 3 prong power cable. The cabinet and fabric covering have some wear and tear but the cabinetry is fairly sound structurally. Incredible vintage Magnatone sound at a fraction of the price of a classic 260A!

Offered for local pickup only due to size and age - located in Lockhart TX just 40 minutes south of Austin at Sunflower and Friends!

1962 Da Vinci DVAL Magnatone 260A 2x12 35w Tube Amp Pitch Shifting Vibrato

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