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Comes with original packaging box with model label!


1960's Kent Guyatone Polaris II No. 645

Little bit of neck relief present, with 5 original flat-wound strings still intact with all that beautiful tone, only the high E has been replaced. C shape neck profile with a smooth worn finish, and body is light with a nice sunburst finish. Has great low end action for rhythm playing, and nice twang on the high end.

This guitar has the original dealer decal from Fort Worth, TX and appears to have been purchased and then put away until recently emerging from some kind of storage.


Usually we go through and upgrade and make these old 60's Japanese guitars play like new modern guitars with new frets but being that this is such an unplayed and uncirculated guitar that actually feels halfway decent all original that I didn't have the heart to start altering it.


1960's Vintage Kent/Guyatone Polaris II No. 645 W/Original Box Sunburst

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