About the Sunflower Creative Lab

The Sunflower Creative Lab is a learning space for children and adults of all ages! No previous experience is necessary. We offer a variety of classes taught by our versatile instructors or "Teaching Artists" who are all professionals in their field in addition to being teachers. The creative approach of each teacher may range from traditional to outside of the box but keeping it fun and helping our students find their creative voice is our main focus! Read more about our classes below.



$100/month for weekly 30 minute lessons

$200/ month for weekly 60 minute lessons (recommended for 12+)

Get in touch with us at 512-668-3019 between 12pm-7pm. If we don't answer, leave a message and we'll get back to you. Please note that our business line is a landline and cannot receive texts.

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Private Music Lessons

Learn from our team of working artists who are an

active part of their musical community!

 Violin / Ages 3 - Adult 

Learn how to play violin! Lessons will start with building a strong foundation, beneficial technique and then branch out from there. Students will learn how to tune their instrument, use the bow, utilize exercises, read music and incorporate creative practice techniques. Students will need to acquire a violin and a few basic accessories. We recommend starting off with a rental instrument ($25-30 per month at a violin shop) and going from there, especially for children who will need to switch instrument sizes as they grow.

 Teaching Artist: Naomi Bessette 

Naomi Bessette has been teaching for over 19 years and has worked with children as young as three on up to adults. Naomi has spent much of her life as a performer from playing in the University Orchestra and Opera Society at the University of Texas to performing in Austin, all across the US and abroad with bands of different genres from experimental-pop to folk, garage, country and mariachi. In addition to working with music schools, she has taught at Girls Rock Austin and as the violin teacher for Linder Elementary's Mariachi program. Naomi has a background in the visual arts and attended the UT School of Fine art where she studied drawing, painting, printmaking and photography. In addition to teaching, Naomi is also the manager and creator of the Sunflower Creative Lab and illustrates her own comics.

 Guitar, Bass & Ukulele / Ages 7 - Adult 

Learn how to play guitar! Lessons will focus on basic guitar technique, chord structure, strumming patterns etc. Students will learn songs and exercises and work towards learning their favorite genres. Get in touch and let us help you choose a guitar style based on the student's musical interests and abilities. Students will need to acquire a guitar and a few basic accessories-- we can help you with the process of choosing an instrument if needed. 

Types of Guitar Classes offered:

-Guitar (Beginner through Advanced)

-Intro to Ukulele (A great pre-cursor to guitar for beginners)

-Let's Play The Beatles! (Established beginners or intermediate level)

-Let's Play The Blues! (Established beginners or intermediate level)

-Bass Guitar (Beginner - intermediate)

Teaching Artist - Chazz Bessette

Chazz Bessette comes from a family of musicians and skilled craftspeople. He began training on the guitar and guitar/amp refurbishing and building at the age of 11. Music has since dominated his life and he has performed and been a band leader/musical director for many projects of varying genres including rock, country, blues, pscyh, folk and pop. Chazz, a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and recording engineer also sings and plays bass, drums, keys and clarinet which can be heard in his self-recorded/touring project Silver Ships. Over the years, he's helped countless players hone their skills and improve musically on various instruments. Chazz is also a vintage instrument expert and the lead guitar/amp repair technician at the Sunflower Flower Repair Station! In his spare time he likes restoring vintage mopeds.

Piano / Ages 5 - Adult

Learn how to play piano! Our piano lessons are geared towards beginners looking for a general foundation keyboard instruments. Piano is a great first instrument and introduction to music for both kids and adults alike as the nature and layout of the keyboard makes it one of the most beginner-friendly instruments. Piano lessons will focus on basic chord and song structure and branch out from there depending on what styles and genres the student is interested in. Students will need a piano or keyboard-type instrument to practice on at home. If you are in need of piano-tuning feel free to contact the Sunflower Flower Repair Station at 512-668-3019. Depending on the condition of your instrument we may be able to help.

About the Teaching Artist: Sarah La Puerta

Sarah La Puerta is a multi-instrumentalist, performer and songwriter who began studying piano at the age of 12. Sarah has been touring nationally and internationally for the past several years with some of Austin's most well-loved bands. Trained in a variety of non-conventional musical approaches such as experimental jazz and color theory she incorporates her diverse background in keys and percussion into her teaching aesthetic. Sarah got her start working with children abroad several years back and now brings her unique perspective to the Sunflower Creative Lab! Some of her current projects include Thor and Friends, Tele Novella and drawing and illustration.

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