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 What we do here at Sunflower and Friends  

Sunflower and Friends is a curated collection of vintage items focused mostly on high quality 50's, 60's and 70's era goods made during a time when things were built to last and planned obsolescence wasn't a thing. Each vintage item we offer is carefully inspected or refurbished and cleaned by the Sunflower Flower Repair Station so that we may do our part to recycle and recirculate these timeless treasures into the hearts of vintage enthusiasts across the world.

Our extensive background as musicians has us centered primarily on music gear like tube amps, guitars, accessories and hifi equipment but we also curate a select inventory of handmade art, music accessories and other fun stuff.

In addition to being a music store we also offer music lessons at the Creative lab and music-related repairs for guitars/amps/hifi and more!


Naomi & Chazz, Sunflower and Friends


 The Sunflower Flower Repair Station 


The Sunflower Flower Repair Station crew make sure that each flower in our garden is polished, patched and ready for transplant.

This department is headed up by our electronics tech & luthier Chazz Bessette who has been working in the field for over 20 years with specialties in the areas of tube amp repair, guitar refurbishing, pickup winding and amp building. 

The Sunflower Flower Repair Station has openings for a select amount of outside repair work so if you have gear in need of servicing feel free to call us at 512-668-3019!

 The Sunflower Creative Lab 

The Sunflower Creative Lab is a space for adults and kids to learn how to play a musical instrument in a fun and creative way. Pop over to our Lessons page for more info about the types of lessons we offer! 


All images ©2018 by Naomi Cherie Bessette Photography

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