Here is a very rare handmade electric guitar made by the Newman guitar company of Austin, Texas in 1981. The company was founded by Ted Newman Jones who was a tech and luthier for many great players including Keith Richards.

This guitar I'm told by current Newman Guitar company Owner Jeff Smith (who was advised by Joel Judlin who worked for Ted Newman Jones) that this is about 1 of 10 made in this style in 1981. The neck heel features the initial of Joel Judlin and Mark Younger Smith with the former being who shaped the necks at this time.

This guitar is made with an ebony nut, maple neck and mahogany body. The Electronics appear to be original 1981 date coded EMG pickups. The bridge is a humbucker and the neck is an EMG H model which is a single coil pickup in a humbucker housing. The result is a super articulate nearly acoustic like glassy neck pickup and a more mid-forward thick humbucker lead pickup sound. All pickup settings ring like a bell and have amazing clarity.

There is some wear and tear on the guitar's finish, some fret wear and the tuning keys have been replaced leaving the original tuning key holes visible. The guitar recently has had a new switchcraft flush mount jack professionally installed. There is a bit of a crack in the fingerboard near the nut but does not appear to affect the function of the truss rod or the guitar's playability.

Being about 1 of 10 it's nearly impossible to say how many guitars are left like this but it's safe to say this is about your only opportunity to buy one, let along at this price.

Please examine the photos carefully and ask questions before buying. This guitar is being sold As-Is and due to it's rarity I would ask for a committed buyer rather than ship the guitar more times than necessary. If the guitar arrives with any issues I will do all I can to resolve the trouble.

Vintage 1981 Newman (1 of 10) Natural Mahogany Electric Guitar Handmade in Austi