This extremely rare 1966 Vox V245 New Orleans was only produced for one year as far as we can tell. Basically the same as the Italian EKO produced V243 Super Lynx except the upscale New Orleans features a factory partially scalloped fingerboard for "Fast Blues Action". Scalloped fingerboards are a very rare thing to see in this era and the limited production numbers for this model make this a real oddity with an amazing feel.

The guitar has been upgraded with Gibson Deluxe tuning keys and has been freshly setup with D'addario 10's. There is some damage to the back that has been glued due to the very thick finishes that were applied to these guitars that has a tendency to shrink. Other than the the tuning keys, switch tip, back damage and some other miscellaneous finish checking this guitar is in good original condition and plays and sounds amazing. The single coil pickups have a very clear and articulate tone that respond well to backing off of the tone controls and handle everything from jangly psych pop to jazzy chord and melody lines.

RARE: 1966 Vox V245 New Orleans Hollowbody Guitar