Amplified Music Products (A.M.P.), the missing link between Acoustic Control Research, SWR, Thunderfunk and Eden amplifiers. Started by Russ Allee of Acoustic Control Research (the legendary loud solid state bass and guitar amps of the 70’s) and utilized preamp designs from former Acoustic employee Steve Rabe who later started SWR amplification. Jaco Pastorius famously used the BH-420 amplifier. David Funk (later of Thunderfunk amps) had design input on these amps as well. Later on Allee started Eden Amplifiers. Simply put these amplifiers are well designed and really sound like the missing link between all these companies. Lower noise than Acoustic amps, solid construction and cool features like 2 channels and FX loops. This BH-250, built in the 80’s, was recently serviced by the Flower Repair Station and is a great sounding bass amp, 2 replaced knobs and normal wear for it’s age.

Tech Details:

All controls and jacks cleaned
Solder conenctions repaired and reinforced at output devices
250w @ 4 ohms 180w @ 8 ohms (but efficient and loud)

80's era Amplified Music Products BH-250 Bass Amp Head